Established in 1978. We are involved in the import, export and manufacture of various products related to specialty chemicals, animal feeds, food & beverage industries. Exclusive representative of various foreign manufacturers based in Europe & the Asia Pacific Region.


Our mission is a big part of who we are.
It fuels us to work hard to acheive our goals.


  • To be a top company in the different industries that we are in.  
  • To be a pioneer and most sought after company that provides substance and solution while continously growing in a steady and sustainable way.  
  • To diversify into numerous independent business entity.


  • To uplift humanity by providing jobs and a good working environment that fosters trust, respect and promotes continues growth.  
  • To promote good business practices that reflects professionalism and builds trust amongst our business partners.


To Our Customers

Promax International is first and foremost a service oriented company. Our customer deserves nothing but the best.

We are committed to:

  • Provide the highest quality raw materials that would bring value to their products.
  • Continue improving and establishing our systems and business processes that satisfy the needs of our customers’ and exceed their expectations.
  • Continue anticipating demands to ensure reliable supply to customers’ needs so that they never run out of stocks.
  • Educate our customers on how they can provide good quality products for the consumer by providing options, latest developments and solutions for them.


To Our Business

We offer the best quality products to our business partners who works with us to pave way to reach greater market access.

We, in return, would provide them support thru reliable service, equitable margin, product technical education, and program for their business development. These altogether ensures continuous growth of the business partnership.


To Our Global Principals

As partners of the best specialized manufacturing companies across the globe with proven track record and core values aligned to ours, we commit to

  • Further grow their business and increase customer awareness of their presence in the market. 
  • Align their business potential to the Philippine set up. 
  • Constantly educate them of the business opportunities in the Philippines and on how they can further enhance their business. 
  • Collaborate with our suppliers for research and development and update ourselves with the current technology and market trends.


To Our Employees

Promax believes that by cultivating hard work, talents, and capabilities of its employees, we will be able to uplift their lives. Thus, we are committed to:

  • Providing good working environment with tools that would encourage them to excel in their respective positions.
  • Foster trust and instill respect.
  • Instigate constant growth.


No. 41 Scout Limbaga St., Brgy. Laging Handa, 1103 Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines 


(02) 8255 9498
(02) 8256 3365
(02) 8256 3449


(+63) 917 846 1152
(+63) 922 846 2395



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